About E/Elizabeth

E/Elizabeth is a life-long multi-lineage practitioner by upbringing and inclination, who sometimes draws or makes things and writes, and who spends a lot of time reading, walking, taking photographs, cooking, and growing things to eat in a remarkably productive, but very small urban garden.  E/Elizabeth is especially passionate about seeking to take the teachings of yoga off of the mat and into daily life, especially with respect to how we relate to our work, community, and society–both local and global, and our own self-nurture and work, including diet and lifestyle.  E/Elizabeth’s teaching expresses the belief that the practice of yoga impels us to be more compassionate and generous to our living planet, all other beings and ourselves, and that yoga is for everyone. E/Elizabeth would prefer no pronouns at all, but otherwise generally uses they, but does not mind she.

E/Elizabeth’s study and practice of yoga is informed by a nearly 40-year career in the law, avocation as an artist, background in dance and philosophy, upbringing in the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers), European Jewish immigrant turned New York non-religious Jewish ancestry, and personal experience of the world, relationships, and creativity.  Their practice has been influenced by figuring out how to live in the healthiest way in a mind-body that has multiple neurodivergent traits, a history of clinical levels of depression and anxiety, hypermobile joints with attendant chronic tendonitis, chronic sinus and digestive issues, and high sensitivity to noise, light, smell, and other stimulation.  Their observing their own needs change over the time and circumstance, and teaching, practicing, and connecting with others has made abundantly evident that ultimately, all a teacher/practice space holder can do is offer their own experience with the practices and create opportunity for students/co-practitioners to tailor the practices themselves so that all can both ease their own embodiment and. be moved to be their best self for the collective.

E/Elizabeth began teaching in 2001, was certified as an Anusara yoga instructor from 2007 to 2012, and currently maintains E-RYT 500 status with Yoga Alliance. E/Elizabeth currently participates and identifies as a “Yoga Ambassador” with Accessible Yoga.   In addition to monthly classes or workshops through Accessible Yoga, Elizabeth has been further studying and practicing with Reggie Hubbard (“Active Peace Yoga“), participating in workshops and the Patreon communities led by Michelle Cassandra Johnson, and taking workshops and practicing with the books of Dianne Bondy. Past explorations of influence also include meditation practices and teacher trainings/gatherings led by Cyndi Lee, embodied asana with Amy Matthews, contact improvisation. studies in Indian mythology and philosophy with Douglas Brooks, including travel to India, and two and half years of intensive study and practice of mantra-based meditation and yoga philosophy with Paul Muller-Ortega.

E/Elizabeth was born on the homeland of the Lenape, currently designated as the political territory New York City, has been living in and walking around and photographing the unceded land of the Nacotchtank, colonized as Washington, DC, and especially the Capitol Hill neighborhood, since the time the President who liked jelly beans was in office (yes, they were out demonstrating against the injustices wreaked by the State then, too.).


También, Elizabeth ha estado estudiando español hasta la administración del presidente 45 y quisiera tomar y quizás enseñar clases en español en el futuro.

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